Convert your Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack at any time to a classic looking safari style basket shaped roof rack. No drilling is required for installation, and the kit adds extra cargo support with an attractive, low-profile design. Mounting hardware is included, and the rails are powder-coated with the same durable, weather-resistant finish as the Slimline II Roof Rack. The Expedition Rails add 63mm / 2.5” to the height of the roof rack and are manufactured with corrosion-resistant, high-density aluminum components. Please note that the new Expedition Rail LH + RH Drop sets RRAC072 replace the old Expedition Rail Corner sets RRAC071, which result in gaps between the rail corners. Additionally, the side lengths of the Expedition Rails may need to be trimmed to fit the specific length of your rack or for the custom configuration of your choosing. A simple hacksaw can be used to make the cuts. See the fitment guide in the INSTALLATION TAB for more information. DID YOU KNOW? This Front Runner Full Perimeter Expedition Rail Kit can be easily converted to a 3/4, half, or 1/4 sized rail kit using included side rail adapter brackets!


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Expedition Perimeter Rail Kit - for 1358mm (L) X 1255mm (W) Rack
Expedition Perimeter Rail Kit – for 1358mm (L) X 1255mm (W) Rack