Make the Most of Your Portable Fridge

Dometic CFX

Keeping food fresh and drinks cold without the inconvenience of soggy ice packs is nothing short of divine. But are you truly making the most of your portable fridge?

Today’s blog is designed for you, the passionate camping enthusiast, the eco-conscious consumer, and the intrepid road trip adventurer. We’re going to explore how to maximise the potential of your portable fridge, ensuring you enjoy every chilly morsel from the wilderness of the woods to the great open road.

Understanding Your Portable Fridge

Before we chill out, it’s important to know your device. Portable fridges come in various sizes and with different features, such as dual-zone compartments for refrigerating and freezing simultaneously, or energy-saving functions optimal for eco-friendly travel. Make sure you’re familiar with your model’s capabilities to make informed decisions about packing and power usage.

Pre-Cool your Fridge before use

Pre-cooling your fridge before use is essential for efficient operation. Just like you wouldn’t add hot food directly into your refrigerator at home, the same principle applies to your portable fridge. Placing it in a cool environment or filling it with pre-chilled items can significantly reduce the initial energy consumption, enabling it to reach the desired temperature faster and maintain it more efficiently. This step not only conserves battery life but also extends the freshness of your food and beverages. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the great outdoors, not to wait around for your drinks to cool.

Dometic’s CFX fridges are some of the most energy-efficient in the world. The range features a unique evaporator coil that evenly distributes cool air. prevents frost and ensures an airtight seal to keep freshness inside. All their powered coolers work off flexible power options (AC 100-240V and DC 12/24V) which allows you to cool them off your deep-cycle dual battery system or mains.

Efficient Packing Tips

To ensure that your vehicle’s cooler is utilized to its fullest potential, it’s crucial to strategize the layout of your items for peak efficiency and cooling performance. Opt for containers or freezer bags that snugly fit within the fridge, filling up any gaps with additional snacks or cold packs. This strategy aids in maintaining an ideal chill environment, keeping your provisions cool and preserved.

If your adventure spans several days, consider organizing your supplies based on consumption order, from the last day back to the first. This ensures the meals and beverages for the initial evening are readily accessible at the top. For added convenience during your voyage, pre-prepare and freeze meals such as soups or casseroles, placing them in sealable, freeze-friendly containers. Layer your cooler by adding a sheet of newspaper (alongside an ice pack) between each layer, progressively filling up the cooler.

For more extensive trips, a dual-compartment powered cooler, like the 75l or 95l models from Dometic, proves invaluable. These advanced coolers offer separate chilling and freezing sections with distinct temperature controls, enabling a wider variety of food storage options. To further extend the lifespan of your meals and utilize every inch of your cooler, consider investing in a vacuum sealer. Seal a collection of precooked dishes and freeze them as flat packs for convenient and efficient storage.

Cooler maintenance​

Keep your cooler out of direct sunlight and invest in a fridge cover. If that’s not possible, cover it with a wet towel to keep it cool. Dometic’s CFX3 line features an intuitive user interface that displays the voltage, connection status, and temperature in colorful graphics, and the operating settings of the cooler can be adjusted with a simple menu.​

The CFX3 line also comes paired with a free mobile app (available for iOS and Android) that allows you to control and monitor the temperature of the cooler remotely. It features a user-friendly interface to help you track the cooling status of your CFX3 and, if you happen to leave the lid open (every time you do that cold air escapes and warm air enters), the app will ping you a notification. While powered, the app keeps detailed records of the temperature and power consumption history, so you know your limits on your next journey. In addition, the CFX3 has a powerful USB charger output to power devices such as mobile phones and tablets.​

Use ice packs​

Another useful tip for keeping your portable fridge cool is to use ice packs. This may seem counter-intuitive for a powered cooler, but it can be a great option for shorter trips where you don’t have access to a power source. High-quality ice packs, specifically designed for use in coolers and capable of being refrozen, are the best choice. With these tips in mind, you can maximize the functionality of your portable fridge and ensure that your food and beverages stay fresh during all your outdoor adventures. The CFX line by Dometic offers a range of advanced fridge/freezer sizes for every kind of travel and exploration need, from the compact and convenient CFX 35 to the heavy-duty CFX 950DZ.

Moreover, the CFX line by Dometic also offers a variety of vehicle-specific off-road accessories to enhance your portable fridge experience. These include fridge covers and heavy-duty Front Runner fridge slides that allow for maximum accessibility and space optimization in your vehicle. With these added accessories, you can further customize your portable fridge set up for all your outdoor needs.

Pack smart, power wisely, and adventure hard. Till next time, chill on adventure seekers!

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